Friday, November 23, 2018

Real Elegance Light Leaks 20-Pack

Real Elegance Light Leaks 20-Pack 2879098 | Highly Optimized By Aetools | After Effects Template | Free Download

Item details:

  • Real lens light-leaks, great for giving a boost of organic radiant energy or help with transitions on your footage or photos.
  • Includes 20 overlay/light-leaks filmed in 1920×1080 fullHD, of various durations. Each fades in and out.
  • To be used with blend/composite/transfer modes and can be stacked (2 or more together)

Usage Instructions:

  • 1) drop one (or more files) on a layer on top of your footage with a blend mode; the previews are using AfterEffect’s “Screen”, “Add” or “Lighten” transfers modes
  • 2) use a “Contrast” and/or “Saturation” effect on each file to control how much the they “pop”
  • 3) if you want to use shorter sections you can easily trim or animate/keyframe the opacity
  • 4) need more? blur, zoom-in/flip/flop & change hue for more variations!
  • 4.1) because they are overlays, that means you can zoom up to a section and still maintain quality, meaning many looks are possible!
  • preview music on audiojungle:‘and so it goes’ by pinkzebra


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  •  Highly Optimized By Aetools ( 50 MB to Download ) 

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