Saturday, September 8, 2018

RTFX Generator

RTFX Generator + 510 FX pack 19563523 | After Effects Template | Free Download

“RTFX Generator” is a set of instruments for game developers and motion designers to work with 2d FX animations. The script gives you the mix FX-animations possibility and quickly exporting them as sprite sheets or sequences. Also you can generate previews for your animation packs. It will be more convenient and easier to manage your project, using the Preview generator tool. However, you can use the FX pack without After Effects skills. Pre-prendered animations allow to use all non-linear editing tools support mattes and compositing programs like Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas, Final Cut, Edius etc.

The project consists of 3 parts:

  • After Effects project file with over 510 customizable FX-animations.
  • “RTFX generator” script contains the preview generator, mixing and export tools.
  • Over 510 pre-rendered FX-animations (as MOV files).


  • 1. RTFX generator script for Mac OS and Windows(working in CC2014-CC 2017):

    • Preview generator
    • Brainstorm tool to generate mixed FX-elements
    • Quick export to sequence and sprite sheets
    • Tools to works with FX animations

  • 2. FX animation pack:

    • Over 510 customizable 2d effects (AE CS5.5+ project)
    • Over 510 pre-rendered FX-animations( .MOV + Alpha)
    • Easily modify animation settings
    • For any resolutions(Resizable)
    • Video tutorials
    • 24-30 frames per second

  • You can find more details in this video

  • Used materials:

    Music 1Music 2 | Font | Video1 | Video2 | Game examples:1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Photo |

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