Sunday, June 3, 2018

SupRCris Monstercat Audio Spectrum

SupRCris Monstercat Audio Spectrum | After Effects Template | Free Download

Credit To SupRCris

I am very happy to release my final, and completed monstercat audio spectrum, it has mostly everything that is from monstercat. Check out the changes below! 1) Album Art flip is EXACTLY like monstercats 2)) The whole intro is EXACTLY like monstercats 3) I didnt add the ending transition because i didnt have anything to put or say in the end 4) Album pictures have the monstercat pattern! (label logo, artist logo, album art, label logo) 5) I tried my best to add the same color as the audio spectrum, this is the best i can get it. 6) Found monstercats font! Used it ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I decided to give a template for this! Because I'm nice! So if you want i will leave the template download link in the description!

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