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GEOlayers | After Effects Scripts | Free Download

Online Maps

Browse maps directly inside After Effects

You can scroll and zoom around in online maps inside After Effects, create keyframes and animate them. GEOlayers 2 will download all necessary imagery for your animation automatically. It comes with 14 default map styles and can be easily extended.

Online Search

Find geographical features online

Search online for countries, cities, certain buildings, POIs and much more. The Features you find can be labeled in your animation, they can be drawn to your map, downloaded, exported and a lot more.

Feature Styles

Create your Feature Styles

Set up Styles you can use to draw Features. Customize fill and stroke and create your Stylesets. GEOlayers 2 can also automatically apply Styles depending on what kind of Feature you want to draw. Additionally you can export them to a file and share it with others


Add Labels to your animation

Label features with one click. Use and customize the default Label Templates or feel free to create your own ones. Every After Effects composition can be used as a Label Template.

Data Visualization

Create Data-driven Styles to visualize your datasets.

GEOlayers 2 allows you to easily import datasets in .csv or .tsv file format. Data-driven Styles help you to beautifully visualize large datasets with a couple of clicks.

3D Landscapes

Create 3D Landscape setups with one click

If you have Trapcode Mir 2, Mettle FreeForm Pro or Rowbyte Plexus 3 installed you can create 3D Landscape setups with one click. Like this you can achieve stunning animations based on real data.

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