Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Gifgun Script

Gifgun Script | After Effects Template | Free Download

Batch Render! (Render multiple compositions in 1 click) | Progressive Render (Increases render speeds dramatically)

Lots of cool
GifGun – one click

The workflow is one-click

We made interface super-slick so it won't take much of your space.

Settings are easy

We believe a properly engineered tool needs no tutorial, so we will just list our features.
GifGun – folder select

Set default gif folder

Ideal for Dropbox or other cloud sync.
Or save into the Project folder
GifGun – resize

Resize gif

Yes, we resize keeping width/height ratio
GifGun – color

Adjust color paletter

256/128 colors for best quality or 64/32 for weight. 8 for fun :-)
GifGun – fps

Set framerate

"as comp" will use composition fps settings. Which is obvious.
GifGun – save file

Save rendered file

We remove the temporary file by default, but if you need it...
GifGun – loop

Choose not to loop GIF

Yeah, some people really need unlooped GIFs

Yup, these gifs were rendered with GifGun.

IMPORTANT: Please, check "Enable Javasciprt Debugger" checkbox in Preferences - General. Somehow this checkbox solves most of the problems, we are still investigating.

Good to know:

We are using optimized algorithms, so you are going to get a great image most of the time.
This also means that for movie clips you may get less than ideal results with v1.4. Try varying compression options.
GifGun is made with motion graphics in mind, so we experimented with hundreds of motion graphics shots, and optimized algorithms for them.

System Requirements

Windows 7 systems will require this update.
Windows 8 / 8.1 and 10 do not need this update.

MacOS 10.8 to 10.12 are supported.

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